Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Organization Awards

An organization’s mission is never done, which is why it pays to stop and reflect on how your mission has grown, evolved and shaped the lives of others.  A fitting tribute honors the legacy of your organization, while keeping an eye on the horizon for new opportunities.

Size: 10”h x 7” x 0.25 thickness
Purpose: For any celebration or award show
Medium: 10”h x 7” x 0.25 thickness Beveled Glass

This artfully designed beveled glass curve, demonstrates the strength and fragility of its recipients, the design which incorporates being backlit by candlelight, gives it even more warmth than that of the sepia tones which set off this piece. It was designed for the National Council of Negro Women, to commemorate their mission to advance the opportunities and quality of life for more than four million African American women around the world, contributing to the peaceful solutions of human rights.

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