Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Corporate Tributes

When a company’s focus goes far beyond selling more products and services, and taps into the inner strength, aptitude and desire of others, a corporate tribute is the only suitable tribute.  Let others know of your company’s commitment to success by choosing a corporate award that fully encompasses the art and story of your brand.

Size: 8" Acrylic Circle in 12: Gold Medallion Acrylic Circle Frame
Purpose: Pay tribute to the Port of Long Beach
Medium: 8\" Beveled Acrylic Circle

The crispness of the silver medallion encircles this beautiful piece of artwork that depicts eight different photographs of Long Beach Port, California. The sunset hues of color bring this artwork to earth with its layers of water and boats. The medallion was presented to Michael A. Leone, in front of the over 1,000 people who attended the 93rd annual conference in the 2004 American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA).

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