Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Celebrity Tributes

A celebrity is not a standalone icon, but rather an individual that enjoys a position of prestige because of all the people who helped them along their journey.  Celebrity tributes honor the past, embrace the present and look forward to the future by giving these illustrious performers a creative award worthy of their accomplishments.

Size: 24" x 18" Framed Beveled Acrylic Award
Purpose: Outstanding Career Achievement
Medium: 8 x 10 x .25 thickness Beveled Acrylic

The smoky blue of the matting on this piece sets off the blue of the background photos in this art work. John C. Debney, an American film composer, this tribute portrait which includes many images of his milestones in the film industry as a composer, conductor, musician and valued collaborator. He was the first to receive the Hollywood Music In Media Awards’ (HMMA) Outstanding Career Achievement for Film Composing. Commissioned by the HMMA, and presented on November 19, 2009.t

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