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Public Art – Latimore Design Studio

Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Public Art

Public Art

No matter if you live in a large city or a small town, every place has something to celebrate.  Showcase the best that your area has to offer with a gorgeous public art display that’s sure to gain praise by all who see it.  Honor the accomplishments of hometown heroes or share moments in time that have made your town great.

Size: 36" x 30" Aluminum Star
Purpose: Pay tribute to past graduate from Polytechnic High School of Long Beach, CA
Medium: Aluminum cast

The stars of Polytechnic High have come to rest on the fence of the Long Beach, California Polytechnic High School. The stars depict some of the iconic graduates from the school that have gone on to fame; every star tells a story of its owner, with photographs in relief on alumnium metal. The PhotoRelief technique sculpts out the images of the photographs which give each star a unique look, a continuous reminder for every student that stars really are within their reach.

Size: (3) panel of 30 inches X 60 inches
Purpose: To pay tribute to the McBride Teen Center
Medium: Mix Media on Plywood

This stunning commemorative art mural adorns the new Ernest McBride Sr. Teen Center depicts important landmarks in Mr. McBride’s life, fusing them together into one cohesive piece of art. The sides of the mural show his love for baseball, the opposite panel incorporates the Long Beach skyline. The central panel shows Mr. McBride’s philosophy on life which is given in base relief to those that will gather in the center, inspiring them to greater heights in their own lives.

Size: (3) side of 12feet. x 6 feet
Purpose: Motivate and Educate Housing Residents
Medium: Mural Paint on Stucco Walls

The warmth of the yellow depicted with the bright colors on this sculpture give a distinguished form to the building’s structure. The murals, sculptures and architectural features reflect the thinking and care behind the functional and people-friendly designs of our residential communities. The murals give the area a colorful and multi-cultural mural that portrays the international migrations that have helped to shape our youth, our homes, and our dreams. Commissioned by Pinnacle Housing Group, Miami, Florida.

Size: 120 ft x 9 ft
Purpose: Market Miami Northwestern High School Curriculum
Medium: 1” inch Mosaic Glass Tiles

When you approach Miami Northwestern School that was opened in 2000, you are stunned by the wall mural that adorns the outside of the school. Its bold bright colors and needlepoint depiction of the courses taught there, such as ROTC, Mechanics and Science nearly take your breath away. The piece was commissioned by the Miami-Dade school district, which was founded in 1885 and is the largest school district in Florida, along with being the fourth largest in the United States.

Size: 9ft. x 12ft
Purpose: Fund Raiser and Grand Opening of the Cultural Center
Medium: Etched Glass

The fanciful design of three women grace the beauty and elegance of this art piece of etched glass which adorns the entrance to the Lou Rawls Performing Arts Center. The beauty of the design depicts the strength of the glass in the women that pose in postures of the performing arts. This lasting legacy that will endure across generations was commissioned by Florida Memorial University, in Opa Locka, Florida.

Size: 9 feet. x 24 feet.
Purpose: Inspirational Message to Community residents
Medium: Mural Paint on Stucco Wall

The striking colors that adorn “The Playground” murals depicting children at play on the building structures afford the architectural features in Miami, Florida, show the care and people friendly design of the buildings. The artwork was created to give the residents, neighbors, politicians and neighborhood activists a multi-cultural mural that reflects the international migrations that have shaped Miami’s communities in so many ways. It was commissioned by Pinnacle Housing Group of Miami, Florida.