Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Artist Profile

CJ Latimore, Artist Profile

Internationally acclaimed Artist CJ Latimore has created his unique brand of art by combining scientific methods and materials with the unlimited boundaries of his mind to create works of spectacular dimension that purposefully awaken the soul of a multi-faceted society.  His talent traverses all boundaries based on color, age, income-level, education, religion and art exposure. 

C.J.’s art graces the collections of clients like basketball superstar Michael Jordan, legendary Motown singer Smokey Robinson, and actress and activist Cicely Tyson, his clientele also includes corporations such as Toyota, Office Depot, IBM, Citibank, Epson, Bank of America, Burger King and American Airlines. C.J. has reached ever growing audiences with his cutting edge art company in its 20th year in business.

The distinctive process of CJ Latimore’s artwork has been used to create legacy tributes for celebrities, athletes, organizations and individuals, as testaments to their drive, determination and life mission.  CJ’s one-of-a-kind tribute art features an aspect of the individual’s life as they grew into the person so cherished and remembered by others.  However, these beautiful art pieces reflect an individual and commemorative design that no other can match.

Today, CJ’s artistic process and style has evolved to capture the radiant beauty of more than just tributes or legacy awards.  Through his website, Latimore Design, CJ creates stunning pieces of art for all events and occasions. His astounding work has been developed for such worthy organizations as the US Olympic Committee, and the US Custom Services, which also includes individuals and city-wide recognition including the Chief of Police of Long Beach, the Port of Long Beach, the City of Miami and numerous colleges and universities. CJ has also worked with well-known celebrities and the organizations they support.  Working alongside the United Negro College Fund, CJ designed a truly inspirational and moving piece of art for Michael Jordan as part of a golf tournament fundraiser.  Images such as these become a permanent tribute to today’s most cherished stars and the causes they support.

CJ’s work has been further immortalized in such auspicious occasions as the work he contributed to the Malcolm X postage stamp and the celebratory circular stainless steel artworks for the opening of the U.S. Olympic Swim Trial Gala in 2004.  Together, a design like no other is fused with the inspiration and motivation of an artist like no other, to deliver a truly gorgeous, highly appreciated, heirloom-quality work of art that will be treasured for years to come. Unlike many processes which are purely artistic in nature, CJ Latimore combines both art and technology in his one-of-a-kind awards and gifts.  He attributes this to his education, which includes a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts from University of Miami and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Barry University.  This allows CJ the freedom of expression and the technological prowess needed to fuse beauty and functionality in a complete design that will surely be viewed as your own personal masterpiece.

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