Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Whether it’s couples or corporations, an anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be cherished.  Celebrate this hallmark event with a prestigious anniversary tribute and demonstrate how far you’ve come, while commemorating the highlights of the journey we call life.

Size: 30" x 42" Framed Beveled Acrylic Tribute
Purpose: Pay tribute to Polytechnic High School 100th Anniversary
Medium: (11) Beveled Acrylic Beveled Acrylic Shapes

When you first glance at this artistic rendition, you are immediately drawn to the bold black frame that encompasses this work of history in the making. The green and gold tinge of the photographs suggest the fertile ground that the students of Polytechnic High School have long been aware of, in their sports and academic endeavors. A long list of noted individuals has graduated from these hallowed halls over the last 100 years. Commissioned by the Polytechnic High School.

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