Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Whether it’s couples or corporations, an anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be cherished.  Celebrate this hallmark event with a prestigious anniversary tribute and demonstrate how far you’ve come, while commemorating the highlights of the journey we call life.

Size: 12" x 16" Framed Beveled Acrylic Award
Purpose: Tribute to Organization Members and Sponsors
Medium: 8 x 10 x .25 thickness Beveled Acrylic

Within a background of royal blue, a young man stares into the looking glass at what he can be in the future. He only sees his mentor, the one he looks up to the most in life. He sees a successful man in himself, is that your portrayal for the youth of tomorrow? Commissioned by 100 Black Men of Long Beach Inc. who wish to portray the message of, "What They See Is What They’ll Be."

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