Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Tell A Unique Story – Without Saying A Word…

At MyUniqueAwards, we are constantly looking for ways to bring out the true character of a person by sharing their story.  One way to do that is through the presentation of visual art that reflects the life and achievements of the individual through a distinctive blend of art that recognizes the recipient as a whole, while defining the events that helped spark their transformation to where they are today.

The artwork we’ve developed across three decades has ranged from wall murals to awards to fundraisers and corporate sponsorships.  Artist CJ Latimore is proud to lend his creative hand in this unique storytelling effort to develop a one of a kind piece of art that stretches the limits of the imagination while focusing on “heirloom quality” styles that endure the test of time.

Your award or gift will not only provide a sense of joy and excitement, but will also bring out the inner strength and passion of the individual or company that’s receiving it.  What other plaque or trophy can do that?

To get started with your own unique award, designed on-time and on-budget for your specialized needs, simply click here to fill out a no-obligation quote form or contact artist CJ Latimore directly at 562 307 6096

Crowning Achievements….
Treasured Memories…
Incredible Dedication…
Superior Recognition…

Art With A Recognizable Difference!

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