Paying Tribute with Commemorative Art
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Custom Awards

Custom Awards Deliver A Unique Message That Endures and Grows in Value Throughout the Years…

A custom award is a design that’s steeped in notable achievements.  Whether it’s for a corporate event, marriage anniversary, retirement gift or any other accomplishment, having a custom award created shows a high regard for the recipient and what they mean to you.

Custom awards from MyUniqueAwards have been produced for numerous well-known brand names, individuals and special events worldwide.  Our clients include:  Michael Jordan, Toyota, FedEx, Texaco, IHOP, Burger King and a host of other household names.

Get started now on a custom award that delivers tremendous pride and recognition – an award that will be cherished for years to come as a symbol of the recipient’s path toward excellence.

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2 Responses to “Custom Awards”

  1. shannon says:

    I love the treasured memories. It’s looks like a compilation of ones life captured in a snapshot.

  2. Mrs. Robin M Rice says:

    Great website brother. keep up the good work. remember were you came from. always thank God for God and your mother. and then watch your blessings come through. just watch